PEHT welcomes Regina Mullins

PEHT is working closely with Regina Mullins who many of you heard at our BUILD HER HOME event. Regina is one of the very first graduates of the Thistle Farms residential program. She recently launched her own consulting agency to help organizations like ours develop and refine their restoration programs. PEHT is proud to support Regina as she moves into a new chapter of her life. 

In her own words:

“I am excited to tell you all that I am launching a new consulting agency called Healing Wings. This agency is designed for me to be able to go where I am needed, to be in the field connecting women and men with resources in our community.  I plan to help individuals with finding safe housing from trafficking, (something that is so prevalent in our communities today), alcohol and substance abuse, as well as the mental break downs, of those dealing with depression. Every day there are people who are struggling, not knowing where to get the help they so desperately need to heal from past trauma.

 Healing Wings will be one of the centers to give a real listening ear, and help with solutions to find safe housing, helping to set – up these housing units for women and men, and especially our youth.

As most of you know, I have 20+ years in this field because of the grace I’ve been given through my own recovery. I have been across the world with the Rev. Becca Stevens, who through God created a sanctuary in 1997 called Magdalene House for women who had survived the lifestyle of prostitution, trafficking, and substance abuse. We then helped create a place in 2001 where women could work to support themselves through an organization called Thistle Farms.”