Not My Time

Sharon Guillemette

At night I lay down in my bed….
And I pray to God, “why am I not dead?”,
I’ve been trying to die for years and years,
For death is not one of my fears.
And You’re punishing me. For what I don’t know,
But I wish You would give up and just let me go,
And the Lord answered back in the most loving way,
“I will not let you go for today’s not your day.
I have known you since before birth,
And I wish you could see just how much you are worth,
You’re kind and you’re caring, and loving and smart,
When I look at you, I see your big heart.”
So I smiled and thanked Him and realized He’s right,
And I made a commitment to follow His light,
For I know the Lord will not lead me astray,
For it’s here on this earth that he wants me to stay.