"Look Ma, I killed the Devil"

"Look Ma, I killed the Devil"

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Artist - Mia

Size - 20x16

Medium - Acrylic

Year - 2024

Spoken Word: Cracks
By: Dark Sunflower

Pressure building up inside,

Reaching, stretching, towards the sky.

Almost like it wants to crack.

Right down the middle,

and right in half.

The pressure that’s building up inside

It’s getting ready

To take me for a ride.

Quietly now, those first few snaps

Forces the pressure

To twist and crack.

I’m not sure anything,

Could hold it back.

Pressure surrounds me from all sides.

Trapping me like a nightmare,

From which I can not hide

Like steam when it’s about it blow

or suppression turning to depression

That will never let me go

What can release me from this pressure?

This mess of duress

That threatens to swallow me whole

Me, you, we.

We can

We just need to fight.

Just keep walking forward until you see the light.

It’s there, we promise

We know it’s tough.

When life makes pressure feel so rough.

But even if your scared, we’ll be there,

Walking right beside you.

Take our hand, you can hold on tight

Let the pressure seep right out,

Then breathe, your free, your finally out.