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It’s hard to imagine that the crime of human trafficking can happen in our own backyard. The unfortunate reality is that human trafficking occurs all around us. Millions of individuals are forced into labor or commercial sexual exploitation every year, making human trafficking the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world — second only to drug trafficking.



In 2016, our Founder, Elizabeth Koldyke Boolbol, and a core group of dedicated board members were deeply troubled by the presence of human trafficking in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Despite the community’s affluence, it’s a regular location for trafficking activity due to its location along the I-95 corridor, the presence of two large casinos, and the county’s proximity to both New York and Massachusetts. Fairfield County is also home to Bridgeport, a former factory town with high rates of poverty, unemployment, and crime.

In 2019, PEHT opened a drop-in center at a church in Bridgeport, offering food, hygiene products, and support to trafficking survivors. The COVID pandemic suspended these efforts, so PEHT began to make plans for a residential anti-trafficking solution.

In January 2021, we welcomed our first residential clients to the PEHT home — and we have proudly operated at full capacity since we opened our doors.

"Stay positive and strong because you've got this" -Lily

Lily and Bubba

This place saved my life. It helped me realize who I was meant to be.

When I first got to PEHT, I was nervous and scared. I was also really depressed and felt stuck in a zone that wasn’t normal. I’d lost my dog, Binji. He meant the world to me.  

PEHT has a house cat named Luna. She reminded me of cats I used to own years ago. One day, I came across a small lost kitten. It followed Sabrina, our Residential Director, into the house. Sabrina asked me to bring it inside and feed it and care for it.  

From the moment I grabbed that kitten, I fell in love with her. At first, I thought she was a boy. So I named her Bubba. I taught her to do all sort of things that cats don’t normally do and created a really strong bond with her as she grew older.  

I felt like she needed me to love her. But then I realized I needed her more than she needed me.  

Sometimes, words are not enough to explain the kind of love you have towards something or someone. Bubba is my lifeline. We saved each other from the outside world. I thank her every day for helping me find freedom within myself.


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All of the artwork used in the design of this report were created by survivors who have participated in our expressive art programs.
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