Our Path To End Human Trafficking

Our “Three E” Strategy aims at offering a sustainable long-term strategy to aid in the fight to end human trafficking, specifically targeting the sex trade.

We host and co-sponsor events throughout the year dedicated to shining light on human trafficking and bringing together stakeholders to raise awareness about this crime. Events have included film screenings, speakers, training sessions, and fundraisers. PEHT also partners with other organizations engaging in advocacy to fight human trafficking through legislative efforts. For more information, visit.

Our PEHT Residential Home for sex trafficking survivors will be the first of its kind in Connecticut!

Targeted for late 2020, we are thrilled to kick off this ALL-ENCOMPASSING two-year recovery program which will provide housing, food, medical, dental, and vision services, mental health therapy, addiction services, education, and job training.

“Unless there is a way out, women will stay in.”

Economic empowerment is critical for a survivor’s recovery to be sustainable. Our social enterprise includes a pet product retail company initiative, LOVE YOUR PET, CHANGE THE WORLD, that manufactures and sells products hand-crafted by trafficking survivors and by women whose economic vulnerability makes them potential targets of international traffickers. Based on the highly successful program of our sister organization, Thistle Farms, in Nashville, TN, residents and graduates of PEHT’s restoration program will be given vocational opportunities within this enterprise along with other jobs within the pet industry, one of the fastest growing business sectors in the United States.

Our Commitment

Implementing our  “Three E” Strategy we will ensure success for the women who participate in our program.  Our services will...

  • Provide 24 month rent free home environment.
  • Provide wraparound case management and advocacy with health, education, and job training services.
  • Foster spiritual growth.
  • Provide job opportunities in the pet industry, including our PEHT retail initiative, to work towards financial self-sufficiency.