On Wayfair and Viral Conspiracy Theories About Sex Trafficking

From an article posted on The National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Recently the media and social media platforms have been flooded with claims that the popular furniture company, Wayfair, is participating in or complicit with child sex trafficking.

Beginning as a random musing from one individual who noted a perceived discrepancy on a web page for a specific Wayfair product, theories have since taken on a life of their own and have claimed that, through listings for industrial cabinets and other items that appear to be exorbitantly priced by tens of thousands of U.S. dollars, Wayfair is being used for sex trafficking right before our very eyes. Although giving furniture products/product lines a human name is fairly standard practice across the industry, theorists have used the fact that many of the items on Wayfair’s website display different human names as fuel for their speculations. As a result, individuals have hypothesized that, because the prices fluctuate and names vary on each listing, this must be because children are being continuously sold as a part of a global pedophilic sex trafficking ring.

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