The Rye Arts Center and PEHT collaboration pays tribute to Women's History Month by featuring a curated selection of works that invite viewers to explore the diverse stories and perspectives of women healing through the Arts.

Artist Bio:
"I’m Currently the Graphic Design Specialist at The PEHT Shop and am taking classes at Housatonic college to attain my associate degree in graphic design. I’ve lived in Bridgeport for 3 years and love to play video games. I wanted to become an artist when I realized that my story had something to say. Art gives me the freedom to say things I wouldn’t normally be able to talk about. Uncomfortable things, dark, and scary things that I like to bring to life on canvas with acrylic and gouache, usually in an abstract or free flowing form. I will often associate my paintings with spoken word poems or short horror stories."

- Mia

Artist Bio:
"Evee, a Connecticut based artist has dabbled in a lot of art forms, but her current favorite medium is her words. Currently working on publishing a book of poetry/spoken word, Evee uses her poetry to heal her trauma and try to reach others to help heal theirs as well. Aside from poetry Evee has an Instagram page where she combines photos with quotes that speak to her to again, try to reach people through her art. Painting comes third for her now, that once was first, where her favorite mediums are watercolor and pouring paint on stretched canvas."
- Iris

All artwork is for purchase with 100% of sales directly supporting the mission of Partnership to End Human Trafficking