Marlene Howlader

Social Media EA Associate

Marlene Howlader is first-generation Bangladeshi American who has 10 plus years of experience in business development and creative vision implementation. 

Prior to PEHT, Marlene began her career as an Executive Assistant to a non-profit profit organization that fostered relationships between at risk youth with law enforcement. Through her work at PAL, (Manchester Police activities League). Marlene discovered her interest in business development and strategic advising. She spent the last 10 plus years providing out of the box thinking approaches to support Leadership teams in all areas of business. 

Marlene holds an associate degree in Criminal Justice and certificates in Forensic Science and Criminal Law. Her previous roles included working as a PI in the tri state area and private Security firms alongside the Department Of Homeland Security providing training in First Aid BLS and CPR through the American Heart Association. 

Marlene transitioned to the Human Resource side of business operations where she found a passion for internal branding through event planning and corporate social responsibility initiatives. She spent the last few years as a Human Resource Manager focused creating structure in the workplace and curating a human capital-oriented approach to raise company standards and retention in a competitive labor market. 

Capturing an organization's heart through its people and translating it to the brand image in alignment with the mission is always key mission in any of her roles. She enjoys designing and bringing visions to life through multi-media storytelling.

Marlene graduated with her bachelor's in marketing from Western Governor’s University with a minor in Human Resource Management.

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